Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Company and members regarding the use of Second World services provided by CNG Software Ltd. Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).
Article 1 (Definition)
1. "Service" means the transaction service of Second World that members can use.
2. "Member" refers to a customer who concludes a contract with the Company in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the services provided by the Company.
3. "ID or Account Name" refers to a combination of letters or numbers approved by the Company to identify a member and provide services after a member agrees to these terms and conditions and privacy policy. Example of an ID or Account Name can be an email address, or telephone number.
4. "Posts" means texts, photos, videos, and various files and links in the form of information such as codes, texts, voices, sounds, images, and videos posted by members on the service.
5. "Content" refers to information or materials in online digital form, such as codes, characters, figures, colors, sound lines, sounds, images, and videos, provided by the Company to members.
6. "Market Place" means an application trading site operated by an "Market Place Operator".
7. "Market Place Operator" means an e-commerce Company that provides service installation and payment functions.
8. "Payment Company" refers to a Company that provides electronic payment methods that can be used in the "Market Place" such as credit card and mobile phone payment.
9. "Paid Content" means "Content" purchased for a fee.
Article 2 (Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions)
1. The Company posts the contents of the terms and conditions on the Second World website so that members can easily read and understand.
2. If necessary, the Company shall revise the terms and conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws.
3. When the Company revises these terms and conditions, the contents of the amendment and the date of application shall be specified, and the service will notify all members 7 days before the effective date.
4. If a member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he/she may express his/her intention to the Company and terminate the service before the effective date.
Article 3 (Conclusion of use contract)
1. The person who wants to become a member (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant") agrees to the terms and conditions, the use of member information, and completes the membership application according to the procedure, shall be accepted by the Company.
2. The Company may not accept the application for any of the following reasons
  • If the applicant has previously lost his/her membership status under these terms and conditions
  • When the applicant uses a name other than his or her real name or another person's name
  • In the event that the applicant enters or provides false or incorrect information, or does not provide the information requested by the Company
  • In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to the applicant or if the application is made in violation of other matters stipulated in these terms and conditions
  • When the applicant intends to use the service for an illegal purpose
  • In case the applicant applies for the purpose of violating the relevant laws and regulations or undermining social well-being or public morals
  • 3. In order to check whether the information provided by the member is consistent with the facts, the Company may request real-name verification or identity verification through a specialized institution to the extent permitted by laws and regulations.
    4. All member information entered by the applicant is considered to be true, and the Company is not responsible for the applicant who does not enter true information, and the member may be restricted from using the service.
    Article 4 (Consent to use of member information)
    1. The Company uses the member's information for the purpose of fulfilling this contract of use and providing services under this contract.
    2. In order for members to conveniently use the Company and services affiliated with the Company, member information may be provided to companies affiliated with the Company. However, before providing member information, the Company shall notify the affiliates, the purpose of provision, and the contents of the member information to be provided in advance and obtain the member's consent.
    3. The Company does not transmit advertising information of affiliated services against the member's explicit refusal to receive.
    4. Members can view and modify their personal information at any time.
    Article 5 (Change of Member Information)
    1. Members can view and modify their personal information at any time. However, the ID required for service cannot be modified.
    2. In the event that the information entered at the time of membership application is changed; the member must either directly modify the service or notify the Company of the change through the customer center.
    3. The Company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the member not notifying the Company of the changes.
    Article 6 (Management of Member Information)
    1. If the account and password entered by the member match those registered with the Company, the Company considers the user as a member without a separate verification process.
    2. Members are responsible for safely keeping all information necessary for account access, including passwords, to prevent unauthorized access to the member's account by a third party without his/her permission.
    3. If the member recognizes that the account access information has been lost, stolen, or disclosed to a third party, the member must immediately notify the Company.
    4. The member as well as the Company are responsible for managing the member's account ID and password. Therefore, the Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the member due to reasons attributable to the member or force majeure, such as negligence in managing the ID and password given to the member, or illegal use.
    Article 7 (Protection of Personal Data)
    1. The Company strives to protect members' personal information in accordance with the relevant laws, such as the Personal Data Protection Act. For the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the Company's personal information processing policy apply.
    Article 8 (Obligations of the Company)
    1. The Company makes every effort to comply with the relevant laws and these terms and conditions, and to provide continuous and stable service.
    2. The Company has a security system to protect personal information so that members can use the service safely, and disclose and comply with the personal information processing policy.
    Article 9 (Conclusion of use contract)
    1. Members shall not engage in the following acts.
  • Theft of information from others
  • Change of information posted by the Company
  • Transmission or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) other than those specified by the Company
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the Company and other third parties
  • Acts that damage the reputation of the Company and other third parties or interfere with business
  • An act of disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voices, false facts, and other information that goes against public order and morals on the service
  • Acts of using the service for profit without prior consent of the Company
  • Accessing and exposing the service through automated means such as Agent, Script, Spider, Spyware, Toolbar, or other illegal methods without prior consent of the Company Acts that illegally create or increase the number of times and clicks, apply for service use, or cause a load on the Company's server
  • Collecting other members" personal information and account information
  • Disrupting the sound trading order by unfairly affecting the market price of tiles, etc.
  • Any other illegal or act that causes damage to the Company or others
  • Use this service for any political, religious, national sovereign purposes
  • 2. Members must comply with the relevant laws, these terms and conditions, information on use and the matters notified or notified by the Company in relation to the service, and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the business of the Company.
    Article 10 (Copyright of Posts)
    1. The copyright of posts posted by members in the service is protected by the Copyright Act, and a permanent license is provided to the Company for the following use in a legal procedure and method. The use and permissible scope of the above license is as follows.
  • The right to use, edit, store, reproduce, modify, disclose, transmit, publicly perform, publicly post, and distribute posts for service operation, improvement, improvement, new service development, promotion, etc.
  • Right to create and distribute secondary works of postings
  • The right to have media, telecommunication companies, etc. report and broadcast the content of the post for the purpose of promoting the service
  • 2. If the Company intends to use the member's posts in a way other than the preceding paragraph, it shall obtain the member's consent in advance through text message, e-mail, etc.
    Article 11 (Right to Use Posts)
    1. Any loss or other problems caused by a member's arbitrary and unauthorized use of the post is the responsibility of the individual member, and the Company is not responsible for it.
    2. Members cannot use posts for the purpose of infringing other people's intellectual property rights such as portrait rights, copyrights, etc.
    3. Members cannot use the post for commercial or other personal gain without permission.
    4. If a member uses a post without the Company's consent and causes damage to the Company, the member is obligated to compensate the Company for damage in accordance with legal procedures.
    Article 12 (Management of Posts)
    1. Members shall not include in their posts any content that infringes on the copyrights of others or false facts. If a member's post contains content that violates relevant laws such as the Personal Data Protection and the Copyright Act, the right holder may request the suspension or deletion of the post in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations. The Company may take appropriate action in accordance with relevant laws without the consent of the member.
    Article 13 (Return of Rights)
    1. The copyright and intellectual property rights for the service belong to the Company.
    2. In relation to the service, the Company grants the member only the right to use the service according to the conditions of use set by the Company, and the member cannot transfer, sell, provide collateral, etc. or engage in commercial activities.
    Article 14 (Provision of Services)
    1. The Company may divide the service into a certain range and separately designate the available time for each range. However, in this case, the contents will be notified in advance.
    2. In principle, the service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    3. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the Company may temporarily suspend the provision of the service in the following cases, and in this case, the Company notifies the member in advance through the service initial screen or notice board. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company cannot notify in advance, it can be notified afterwards.
  • Suspension of affiliate services due to circumstances of service partners
  • When there is a need for maintenance, repair, and regular inspection of all facilities related to service provision
  • In case the normal service use is disrupted due to excessive use of the service, etc.
  • When it is necessary to freeze the relevant account and e-wallet due to the occurrence or suspicion of illegal acts such as electronic financial fraud, etc.
  • In case of force majeure event. In this subparagraph, a force majeure event means an event beyond the control of the Company, such as (i) power outages or inability to use public or dedicated communication networks, (ii) laws, orders, directives of competent authorities, (iii) strikes, workplaces. Lockdown due to pandemic diseases or other labor disputes, riots, intrusions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, national emergencies such as war, (iv) natural disasters of any kind, etc.
  • 4. The Company may conduct regular inspections if necessary for the provision of services, and the period of regular inspections follows the notice on the service provision screen.
    Article 15 (Change of Service)
    1. The Company may change the service contents, operation and technical matters to provide stable service.
    2. When the Company changes the services; it will be notified in advance by specifying the details of the change and the date of application. However, if there are unavoidable reasons that the Company cannot notify in advance, it may be notified later.
    3. If the member does not agree to the change of the service, he/she may express his/her intention to refuse to the Company and terminate the contract of use.
    4. The Company may change or suspend all or part of the services it is providing according to operational and technical needs in cases where there are significant reasons such as protection of members’ property in relation to the provision of services and changes in service policies, Unless otherwise specified, the Company does not compensate or compensate members separately.
    Article 16 (Use of Service)
    1. When a member deposits cash into an account designated by the Company, the Company credits the deposited cash to the member's account as game points. When depositing in fiat currencies, this amount is converted into dollars according to the prevailing exchange rate, and the amount of game points in the dollar amount is deposited in the actual game.
    2. Members must submit a transaction order to the Company in accordance with the method set by the Company.
    3. When a member requests a tile purchase order, the game points necessary for the process must be held in the member's Second World account.
    4. The Company provides information that summarizes the quantity, price and fee of tiles or assets that the member intends to trade before proceeding with the transaction. Failure to provide such information will not affect transaction requests submitted by members.
    5. The Company is not responsible for changes in the price of tiles, assets, or game points in Second World. In the event of an emergency situation that does not involve the tile or asset transaction or withdrawal of game points, or the intention or gross negligence of the Company, the Company may take one or more of the following actions:
  • Suspension of access to the service
  • Suspension of all activities within the service
  • 6. When a member requests a cash withdrawal from the Company for game points held by the member, the Company pays the game points requested by the member in cash to the account registered in advance by the member.
    7. The Company may request real-name verification or identity verification through a specialized institution to the extent permitted by law to check whether the information provided by the member is consistent with the facts at the time of deposit and withdrawal.
    Article 17 (Notes regarding service use)
    1. By notifying certain standards in advance, the Company may reject transactions submitted through the service or place restrictions on the asset transaction amount and other asset transaction conditions. For example, we may limit the number of transactions for unfinished assets that can be established through the Service, or we may restrict transactions with members in certain countries or regions.
    2. Members can only cancel the asset transaction submitted to the service before the transaction is completed. For partially completed asset transactions, you can cancel the remaining unconcluded asset transactions.
    3. If the number of game points available in the member's account is insufficient to complete the asset transaction submitted by the member, the Company either cancels the entire asset transaction or proceeds with the asset transaction only for the portion corresponding to the game points available to the member's account.
    4. The Company may add game points that members can use in the service at the Company's discretion or exclude them through prior notice.
    Article 18 (Service Fee)
    1. When a member uses the service provided by the Company, such as a tile or asset transaction service, a fee must be paid accordingly. The service fee is stated on the Company's website and is subject to change depending on the Company or market conditions.
    Article 19 (Restriction on Use)
    1. The Company may restrict the member's service login in the following cases.
  • In case of stealing someone else's service ID and password
  • In case of intentionally or negligently interfering with the Company's service operation
  • If the registered name is not your real name
  • In the case of intentionally or negligently distributing content that violates public order and morals
  • When a member plans or executes the use of the service for the purpose of undermining the national interest or social public interest
  • In case of intentional or negligent act that damages the honor or disadvantages of others
  • When a large amount of information is transmitted or advertisement information is transmitted for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service
  • In case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information
  • In case of illegal use of other people's personal information, user ID and password
  • When information obtained by using the Company's service information is reproduced or distributed or used commercially without the Company's prior consent
  • When the same user double-registered with a different ID
  • In case of infringing the intellectual property rights of the Company, other members or third parties
  • When there is a request for correction from an external organization such as the Korea Communications Standards Commission, or when the election commission has received a voter interpretation in relation to an illegal election campaign
  • In case of violation of the terms and conditions set by other companies, including these terms and conditions, twice or more
  • If a member who has been inactive for 12 months among non-connected members for a long period of time is notified to the effect that "login restrictions are scheduled for continuous non-connection", and the member does not log in within the notification period
  • When collecting, storing, or disclosing personal information about members without their consent
  • Acts that are objectively judged to be related to crime
  • Acts that violate other related laws
  • 2. The Company may restrict or delay the approval of the member's use of deposits and withdrawals in the following cases.
  • When the name of the registered member and the name of the depositor are different from each other
  • To prevent financial fraud such as voice phishing/pharming, when a customer deposits in fiat currencies for the first time, withdrawal is restricted for 72 hours, and after 72 hours, a withdrawal request procedure must be performed.
  • In case the use of deposits and withdrawals is restricted or delayed due to the operation policy of other companies
  • If it is outside the scope of the service use rights set by the Company
  • 3. In the case of Paragraph 1, the Company notifies the member of the content through the website's message, text message, e-mail, and other similar methods.
    4. In case of overlapping use restrictions and delay reasons, the cancellation can be processed only when the cancellation conditions required by the manager or operator are met.
    5. Within the scope of use restrictions in this article, the conditions and details of restrictions are in accordance with those reasonably determined by the Company in the operation policy, usage guide, etc.
    6. In the event of limiting or delaying the use of the service or terminating the contract of use in accordance with this Article, the Company notifies the member through a message on the website, text message, e-mail, or other similar methods. However, if there is a reason for urgently suspending or delaying the use, the Company may notify it later.
    7. A member may file an objection against the restrictions on use under this article according to the procedures set by the Company. If the Company recognizes that the objection is justified, the Company can immediately resume using the service.
    Article 20 (Termination of Use Agreement)
    1. A member may at any time apply for cancellation of the contract of use through the information management menu in the service or the customer center, and the Company must deal with it immediately as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations.
    2. The Company may terminate the contract of use in the event of any of the following reasons to the member.
  • In case of violation of important items of the terms and conditions set by other companies, including these terms and conditions, 3 times or more
  • In case of violation of related laws such as illegal communication and hacking in violation of the distribution of malicious programs, and violation of access rights, etc.
  • In the event of an act or attempt to interfere with the smooth progress of the service provided by the Company
  • When the reason for restriction of use in each subparagraph of Article 21 (1) is continued without stopping the act
  • 3. Upon termination of the contract of use pursuant to the preceding paragraph, all benefits acquired through the use of the service will be extinguished, and the Company will not compensate for this.
    4. In the event of terminating the service use contract in accordance with this Article, the Company notifies the member through a message on the website, text message, e-mail, or other similar methods.
    5. In the event of termination of the contract of use, all member information, except for the information that the Company must retain in accordance with relevant laws and personal information processing policies, will be deleted.
    6. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the Company terminates the contract of use pursuant to paragraph 2, the Company may keep the member's information for a certain period of time to receive and handle the member's objection, and after the period has elapsed, the member's information.
    Article 21 (Notification to Members)
    1. If the Company notifies the member, it can be sent to the e-mail address or mobile phone provided by the member unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions.
    2. If the Company notifies all members, it may be replaced by the notice in the preceding paragraph by posting it on the bulletin board within the service for more than 5 days
    Article 22 (Limitation of Company's Liability)
    1. The reasons for limiting the Company's liability set out in this article apply not only to the case where the member intends to exercise the right to claim damages under the contract, but also the case where he/she exercises the right to claim damages based on illegal acts.
    2. The content provided by the service is marketing and technical information for using the service, and does not mean to provide a financial recommendation, imply any investment or transaction. There may be errors, delays, and other inaccuracies in the content and information provided by other information providers, and the Company is not responsible for any damages suffered by members negligently investigating such information.
    3. Investments based on information obtained from the services may incur losses, and the final judgment and responsibility for this are solely with the member. The Company does not take any responsibility for the member's investment loss.
    4. The information, opinions, and materials posted by members within the service are not related to the Company, and the legal responsibility arising out of the content of the post rests solely with the member who posted the post and the member who read it. The Company has no legal obligation to engage in disputes between members or between members and third parties through mediation of services, and does not take any responsibility in this regard.
    5. In the event that the Company cannot provide services due to natural disasters, DDOS attacks, IDC failures, line failures of key telecommunication operators, or similar force majeure, if there is no intention or gross negligence of the Company, We are not responsible for any damage to members.
    6. For damages to members caused by illegal access to the Company server by a third party, other acts that interfere with the normal operation of the server, or the unauthorized use of member information, the Company shall not have intentional or gross negligence in its management and hence take no responsibility.
    7. The Company builds overall facilities and internal systems necessary for operation and maintains, repairs and manages them, and unless the Company is intentionally or grossly negligent in such maintenance, repair, and management, failures inevitable due to technical limitations, etc.
    8. The Company is not responsible for the provision of services during the inspection when the Company's server is inspected to provide the service, including in the case of Article 16.
    9. The Company is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service due to reasons attributable to the member.
    10. The Company is not responsible for the reliability, accuracy, legality, etc. of information, data, and facts posted by members on the service.
    11. The Company is not responsible for the use of free services unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws.
    12. If the Company receives various objections, including claims for damages or lawsuits, from a third party other than the member due to illegal acts or violations of these terms and conditions committed by the member while using the service, the member is responsible for his/her own responsibility. The Company must be indemnified for costs and expenses.
    Article 23 (Disclaimer of representation and warranty)
    1. The Company does not have the authority to represent the member who wants to sell or purchase points or tiles, and any action of the Company is not considered as an act of the seller or buyer.
    2. The Company does not guarantee the facts, authenticity, and legality of the intention to sell or purchase in relation to the sale and purchase between members through the service provided by the Company.
    Article 24 (Payment)
    1. The price of paid content depends on the price displayed in the store, etc., but the estimated payment amount at the time of purchase and the actual billed amount may differ due to exchange rates and fees when paying in foreign currency.
    2. Members must pay the payment amount according to the policies and methods set by the payment gateway company.
    3. The payment limit may be adjusted according to the policies of the Company and payment gateway companies, government policies, etc.
    Article 25 (Withdrawal)
    1. Paid content purchased by members is divided into content that can be withdrawn and content that cannot be withdrawn. Content that can be withdrawn can be withdrawn within 7 days of purchase Withdrawals are limited. Content that is subject to withdrawal restrictions indicates the fact that it is restricted or provides free content for trial use.
    2. Even in the case of paid content that can be withdrawn, if 7 days have passed since purchase or use, if the value of goods, etc. has significantly decreased, or if there are other reasons that may restrict the withdrawal of subscription by members, the withdrawal of subscription may be restricted.
    3. Content not purchased by the member directly, such as content provided free of charge by the Company to members (including paid and free content) and paid content received as a gift, is excluded from withdrawal of subscription.
    Article 26 (Effect of Withdrawal)
    1. When the Company receives an application for withdrawal of subscription from a member, within 3 business days only if it is not a content that cannot be withdrawn as stipulated in Article 27 (1) and (2) ) to refund the purchase price of paid content.
    Article 27 (Refund of Overpayment)
    1. Refunds will be made in the event of an overpayment by the member.
    2. In principle, the refund shall be made in the same way as the member paid, but if the refund is not possible in the same way, it may be refunded in another way.
  • In the event of an overpayment due to the member's responsibility, the member shall bear the fee for refund.
  • 3. Fees (call charges, data call charges, etc.) incurred by downloading applications or using network services are not eligible for refund.
    Article 28 (Refund of Paid Content)
    1. In relation to paid content, if any of the following cases apply, you can receive a refund through the customer center.
  • If the Company has purchased paid content, but the Company is solely responsible for it because there is no service that can use the purchased content
  • Other cases determined by the Company for consumer protection
  • 2. Members who wish to refund paid content must apply for a refund through the procedures set by the Company, and the Company examines whether the refund request is appropriate.
    3. If the Company decides to refund the member's request for refund, the Company calculates the balance of paid content that the member can receive a refund for and refunds the remaining amount after deducting 10% of the refund fee from the calculated balance. However, if the service is not used due to reasons attributable to the Company, the Company does not deduct the refund fee.
    4. Content that the member did not directly purchase for a fee, such as contents provided by the Company to members for free, contents received as gifts, etc. are not eligible for refund.
    Article 29 (Governing Law)
    The laws of the Republic of Vietnamese apply to disputes between the Company and its members.
    These terms and conditions are effective from November 11, 2021.
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